Fondue Combinations for Two


Choose any Cheese Fondue, served with assorted breads, fruits & vegetables


Each person may choose one of our salads


Choose one of the selections listed below, and one cooking method


Choose any of our Chocolate Fondues

star_spacer Garden Vegetable
star_spacer La Fondue
star Fondue Feast
Assorted daily vegetables     $85
Chicken Japonaise, Polynesian Chicken, Swiss Chicken, Teriyaki Sirloin, Wild Turkey     $98
Choose two items from each column below     $108


star_spacer Breast of Chicken (Org & Fr)
star_spacer Chicken Japonaise (Org & Fr)
star Polynesian Chicken (Org & Fr)
star_spacer Swiss Chicken (Org & Fr)
star_spacer Japanese Korabuta (Fr)
star_spacer Teriyaki Sirloin (Fr)
star Turkey Breast (Org & Fr)
star Fish Filet
star_spacer Spiced Fish Filet
star_spacer Australian Kangaroo (Fr)
star Chinoise Cheddar (Org & Fr)
star_spacer Chinoise Swiss (Org & Fr)
star_spacer Nor Cal Lamb (Fr)
star_spacer Black Tiger Shrimp
star Pacific White Shrimp
star_spacer Shrimp Japonaise
star Sea Scallops
star_spacer Tuna Saku (Sashimi)
star_spacer Louisiana Alligator (Wild)
star Wyoming Buffalo (Fr)
star_spacer Canadian Elk (Fr)
star_spacer Filet Mignon (Certified)
star_spacer Texas Venison (Fr)
star Texas Boar (Wild)
star_spacer Texas Nilgai Antelope (Fr)
star_spacer Colossal Shrimp

star_spacer La Romantique
star Wild Thing
star_spacer Surf & Turf
star_spacer Le Freak
(Serves 2-3)
Filet Mignon, Chicken, Tiger Shrimp, 2 Lobster Tails     $138
Alligator, Antelope, Buffalo, Canadian Ellk, Kangaroo, Venison, Texas Wild Boar     $138
Black Angus Filet Mignon, Pacific White Shrimp, 2 Lobster Tail, Snow Crab Legs     $165
(25oz.) A taste of everything we offer (Includes 2 Cocktails)     $300

Fondue Combination Add-on 4 oz.

Garden Vegetable     $5
Breast of Chicken (Org & Fr)     $6
Chicken Japonaise (Org & Fr)     $6
Swiss Chicken (Org & Fr)     $6
Polynesian Chicken (Org & Fr)     $6
Teriyaki Sirloin (Fr)     $8
Turkey Breast (Org & Fr)     $8
Fish Filet (Org & Fr)     $6
Spiced Fish (Org & Fr)     $6
Chinoise Cheddar (Org & Fr)     $8   
Chinoise Swiss (Org & Fr)     $8
Japanese Korabuta (Fr)     $8
Nor Cal Lamb (Fr)     $12
Black Tiger Shrimp     $12
Shrimp Japonaise     $12
Pacific White Shrimp     $12
Tuna Saku (Sashimi)     $12
Sea Scallops     $12
Wyoming Buffalo (Fr)     $15
Australian Kangaroo (Fr)     $15
Texas Boar (Wild)     $15
Louisiana Alligator (Wild)     $15
Filet Mignon (Certified)     $15
Colossal Shrimp     $15
Canadian Elk (Fr)     $15
Snow Crab     $25
Texas Nilgai Antelope (Fr)     $18
Texas Venison (Fr)     $18
Lobster Tail     $25
Kobe Flat Iron     $25

Fondue Cooking Methods

star_spacer Canola Oil
star_spacer Court Bouillion
star Grill
star Lobster Bisque
star_spacer Punsch
star_spacer Tomato Basil Bisque
• Rich, flavorful (Caution)
• Vegetable broth, lightly seasoned, low calorie and cholesterol-free
• The Euro-Grill from Munich
• Flavorful, sherry-based     + $20
• Spiced red wine with clovers and rosemary, very flavorful, no fat or broth
• Flavorful, rich     + $10


  star Mitch’s Pick